The Evolution of character art

Hey everyone, we hope you’re all doing well in the trying times that are living in 2020. We appreciate the support you all have given us this year and we wish you all the best. We’re hoping this November update finds you well!

From Concept To Complete

We have been hard at work on a lot of things that we’re unable to show about Externus. In fact, we talked about that on a recent episode of our podcast (You can listen to that here: Now we are able to show you some near-final art designs for a few characters in the game. Here are the characters that Moudy has been working on this past month. This should let you see the evolution of character art that has happened. 

Alrik and Amante Steele

Early Alrik Concept Art

Current Alrik Art

Amante Concept Art

Evolution of Amante

If you follow us on social media, you have seen Alrik already but this is the first time we have shown the most recent artwork for Amante. The brothers have some similarities in their design due to their familial lineage. However, looking at Amante you can see that his armor is a bit lighter as he fights using his speed and agility powered by dual blades while Alrik is more of a protector using his sword and shield. The character of Alrik was initially created by our programmer, Jack, for the tabletop game and was designed to stay true to that original character. Amante was initially created by our community manager Trevor. 

Michael Keens

Michael Keens Concept Sketches

The Evolution of Michael Keens

Keens without his Hat

Here we show the evolution of Michael Keens and how he has progressed from just a sketch to his final art. Keens takes his look from his military background combined with a lighter armor fit for a ranged combatant along with some slight moderations. With his trusty crossbow, Michael Keens can be an asset to any party of adventurers.  The character of Michael Keens was initially created by our sound engineer, Stephen. 


Early Gabriel Sketch

The Evolution of Gabriel

Gabriel with a hood

Gabriel is the first of our major antagonists to have his final artwork completed. He will play a major role in Externus as he is on the hunt for Osmund and the Solari. The design of Gabriel is based on him being a tortured soul who is beholden to the one he worships. The common belief is that he worships the Abomination, but others think he worships another. This is something you’ll find out while playing the game. Gabriel was a character created by our studio head and main programmer Kent for the original tabletop game where he served as the game master (or DM).


As you can see, Moudy has done a fantastic job in bringing the teams’ character ideas to life with his artwork and we can’t wait to show you more of that vision in the coming months.