It’s Official, We’re Coming To Nintendo Switch!

We let you all know in the past that we were waiting for approval from Nintendo to bring Externus to the Switch and, today, we can confirm we have that approval! We wanted you all, the backers, to know first and we’re happy to be working with Nintendo to bring our first game to their platform alongside the PC and Xbox versions.

Opening Up The Discord

Today is the day that we open up our Discord channel to everyone! Obviously, backers will have special privileges and be able to post in certain chats that are unavailable to everyone but we want to continue to grow our community as we continue development. We encourage you to invite your friends, start conversations in the chat, and even ask us questions (literally, about anything!). Here is the link to the Discord if you want to invite others and thank you for being a part of our community so far.

Introducing Michael Keens…

When you’re looking for support, you can do no wrong than looking towards Michael Keens… or so you think. Some say he’s a spiritual man while others say he’s just spirited, but he does tend to be a devout follower to his religion and their beliefs. You can even catch him whispering to his god every now and then unless he’s just talking to himself. Either way, he is an ace on the battlefield as he uses his bow to aid the party in combat. Learn more about him while playing Externus. 

Michael Keens Headshot Concept Art
Michael Keens Sketch Concepts
Michael Keens Color Concept Art

Review of our Pre-Alpha Demo

Games Hedge just released their preview for Externus with their write-up of playing the pre-alpha demo and they called it “The Next Best RPG In The Making”! That’s a huge statement and one that our team is working hard to live up to. We are very proud of the work we have done on the game so far and we can’t wait to show you more. The best is yet to come! You can read the piece here:

Nintendo Switch Version 

We know a ton of people are waiting for it and we are planning for the Nintendo Switch version of Externus. We have submitted to Nintendo and are confident we will be approved but they are backed up due to COVID-19.

LV1 Gaming Interview

We recently did a long-form interview about the game and studio with the team over at LV1 Gaming and if you want to see a deep dive this is it, check it out here: