Introducing Kamui Nagao

Kamui (pronounced CAW-moy) is one of Osmund Steele’s oldest allies. Not many know of his time before he joined the Soldat Solari, but he was recruited by Osmund after the two had battled one another. Kamui thought that was the end for him, but Osmund chose to befriend him instead of slaying him. This changed the way that Kamui thought about his life and the decisions he had made, leading him to become a loyal member of the Soldat Solari. Kamui worked hard to become a trainer and recruiter for the Solat so that he might be able to repay the kindness that was shown to him. Kamui and Osmund have grown apart in recent years, but their mutual respect for each other will always be there. What part will Kamui play in Externus: Path of the Solari? You’ll have to play to find out!

Kamui Concept with Mask
Kamui without the mask, with Soldat tattoo
Full Armor Kamui Concept Art

Brothers’ Day Is Today

For those that don’t know, May 24th is Brothers’ Day, which is a day specifically to celebrate the bond between brothers. So, we thought that was a perfect say to highlight the brothers in Externus: Path of Solari. Alrik and Amante Steele, the sons of Osmund, are both headstrong individuals that often get on each others’ nerves. However, their bond is one that can’t be broken, and their adventures and hardships will be a huge test for that bond. 

Amante doesn’t always follow the ways of the Soldat Solari and, being the first son, can be a bit rebellious as he tries to forge his own path. He has taken up the role of a Swordsman who uses his agility and dual blades to deal quick damage. Alrik is more like his father and wants to show Osmund that he is up to the task of lighting the path of the Solari. He wants to be a Guardian and protector, but might not always realize that he could use a little more experience before leaping into dangerous situations. That’s where the bond between brothers matters. They may not always see eye-to-eye, but they’ll always be there to help each other when needed. 

The Original Concept for Amante (left) and Alrik (right)
The Current Look For Amante
An Original Concept for Osmund and Alrik
concept art of character alrik steele with sword and shield

Thank you! 

What more can we say except for thank you? You’ve helped us in a major way by backing the project and sharing it with people. We encourage you to continue to do that as it will help us meet our goal but we couldn’t have asked for a better start. If you’re not following us on Facebook and Twitter, we shared a piece of art Moudy is still working on featuring the character Alrik Steele. 

Some additional background on Alrik, he is the character Jack on our team played in the tabletop version of our game. Jack literally grew up playing this character at the table and we are excited to be able to tell you his story. 

Kickstarter Update

New Character Reveals


Yasumori Head Shot
Yasumori Armor Concept

Yasumori was a large part of the original campaign and we wouldn’t be happier with how Moudy interpreted our spiritual Samurai. In the tabletop version of the game, he was played by our friend Ted and played the role of best friend and companion to Alrik Steele. Yasumori and Alrik have had a bond for a young age as their families were close and Alrik was often left in the care of Yasumori family when Osmund was off on his travels. We can’t wait to share more on him as soon as we can, but we have one more character to show you. 


Full-Color Concept For Jill
Various Outfit Concepts for Jill

Jill Callaghan is a pirate captain that the party will run into during their adventures. She is incredibly tough and headstrong and may not be so eager to join up with the Soldat Solari. She will, however, be eager to start a fight like any good pirate would. There is a lot more to Jill than her tough demeanor and pirate antics, but we wouldn’t want to spoil that for you! 

Again, Thank You!

Thank you all for backing us and we hope to bring you many more and frequent updates as our journey continues while making this game. Our world is rich with characters, history, and locales that we can’t wait to share it all! We also encourage you all to comment on the things that you like about the campaign and the kind of updates you would like to see in the future. We want you to help us on this journey and we want to bring you more of the things you want to see! 

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